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Designing a Legacy: Family Foundation Branding

A family foundation has unique branding challenges. You need to establish credibility, differentiate yourself, build loyalty, and attract talent like any other organization. However, you have to do it in a way consistent with the founder’s vision and the family’s values. And to make it more complicated, this all has to happen in the context of a family. Often, there are different or competing perspectives on direction. We understand this dynamic and can help. Here’s how. 

Hone your purpose

You likely have a pretty clear idea of what you want to do. But you may need help explaining the specifics. Our workshop-based process will confirm or disconfirm your brand foundations: mission, vision, values. Everything that builds to your purpose. This is the first step and informs everything that follows. 

Consider the name

Traditionally, the family foundation name is the surname of the founder. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the name is a metaphor. Tilia is a foundation named after a tree species, an image of growth and giving back. Sometimes, the name is related to a cause, such as the Open Society Foundation. Several other name types include abbreviations, place names, and hybrids. We can help you create a name that aligns with your purpose and continues your legacy. 

Develop strong visuals

Creating a strong visual foundation will help you build trust and differentiation. We will create a distinctive logo that points to your purpose. We will choose color and typography that make your assets more accessible, digestible, and tone-aligned with your values. We’ll also work with you to establish a photographic or illustrative style that breathes humanity into your communications materials. 

Communicate your story

It can be awkward talking about yourself. We get it. We will start with the essentials identified in the purpose workshops. We’ll then build a verbal brand identity that captures your tone of voice, creating examples and custom guidelines to help your team write consistently. We’ll deliver the verbal and visual identity in web-based brand guidelines to simplify implementation.

Create a seamless experience

It is essential to have a solid starting point. The brand guidelines are just that. We can also create additional assets to help communicate your vision. These could include a website, video, social posts, or a PR push. We have a well-rounded internal team and an extensive list of partners. No idea is too big. 

It is especially rewarding to work with families to maximize their legacy. The impact you have on communities creates generational ripples. We would love to help if you need clarification on your effectiveness in any of the above categories. Click here to send us a note.

Brad Flowers
Brad Flowers
Founding Partner

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