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Building trust with a strong brand identity

We have clients across the financial services spectrum, from community banks to fintech startups to venture capital companies. There is a common thread in all of our initial conversations. We want our brand to better instill the trust that our company will back up through our actions. Then, it usually goes one step deeper. We really want to maintain trust with our current clients and establish that we are trustworthy with potential clients.

A rebrand is a great way to achieve that goal. Here are five ways we see it working.


You are dedicated to providing a great experience for your clients. Whether it is in person, on your website, on a video interaction, or on social media, it doesn't matter. Your brand should be held to the same standard. Consistency is the baseline for professionalism. Does your signage match your digital presence? Does the language on your website sound like you?


We are in an age of transparency, in general. But, when we are talking about money, that trend is amplified. If your brand is inconsistent, that signals to potential customers that you might not be totally transparent, which will kill any potential opportunity with them. Your brand doesn’t have to play defense, though. You can proactively talk about openness, honesty, and other values you espouse once you have proven to be consistent.


Consistency and transparency build professionalism. Professionalism doesn’t necessarily mean a suit and tie, but it can. You get to define it. And, your brand reinforces it. Color, type choices, and photography all support your professionalism. But, your verbal identity makes it sing. If your team has the same confidence and clarity as the voice on your website and social media, you will build trust and gain a significant advantage in your market.


We are in a time of disruption. Of course, it is true for startups fighting to get a toehold, but 100-year-old banks aren’t immune. My local bank had a sign on their website saying they are still in business. A failed bank had the same name but wasn’t the same organization. Investing in your brand tells your customers that you are investing in a long-term relationship. Again, consistency, transparency, and professionalism all build stability. And it wouldn’t hurt to differentiate a bit from your peers just in case they have problems you want to distance from.


Investing in your brand is a chance to tell your customers what you stand for. This is a non-negotiable. Lukewarm brands are irrelevant. No, you don’t have to take a stand on every issue. I am not talking politics. I am talking about ethics. What do you believe in? Investing in your community? Helping first-time home buyers? Creating college savings plans? Great. If it is relevant to you and helps your customer, you should be proud to talk about your stance. That will be the anchor of any true differentiation.

We see trends in our conversations. These are some of them. Don’t wait to make the brand investment you are considering. There is too much at risk. Email us today to see if we could be a good fit. We would love to help.

Brad Flowers
Brad Flowers
Founding Partner

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