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Why does your financial services brand not stand out?

Financial services are proliferating. The upside of this trend is that there is a lot of demand, and there is a lot of opportunity. The downside is that there is a lot of competition. And your competition might be changing. Bricks-and-mortar banks compete with virtual organizations. Fintech startups are experiencing pressure from established players. Standing out is more essential than ever, and it is increasingly difficult.

Here are three reasons why you might be struggling to stand out.

You aren’t actually very different

You might have a strong grasp on your marketing. You’ve nailed your brand design, clarified your position with cohesive brand language, and told a compelling story. But if there isn’t a unique benefit to the customer underneath all that, you might have a hard time acquiring new clients. To them, you aren’t standing out from the noise.

You are different, but you look like a mess

Your culture is vibrant. You are entrepreneurial and motivated to meet the needs of changing demographics and stay ahead of the competition. Your teammates say things like, “I wish our customers really understood what we do.” Likely, that means your brand identity hasn’t kept pace with your culture. Remember that looking put together is the first step in building trust.

Your story falls flat

You are outpacing your competition with your dynamic team. You have worked on your visual identity to make sure you look buttoned-up. But you still can’t break through. Our philosophy is that without strong language, design falls flat. It is challenging to tell your story in an honest and compelling way. We get it. And we can help. Our process will uncover the language that is true to you and resonates with your audience.

If any of these reasons resonate, we can help. Our workshops will help clarify your position, our designers will help you look as dynamic as you feel, and our writers will help you craft the brand stories that will make people want to be part of what you do.

Brad Flowers
Brad Flowers
Founding Partner

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