River Road Asset Management

River Road: Aligning brand and culture for an asset management firm

River Road is a boutique, high-touch institutional asset management firm. From day one, they’ve believed that sustainable, reliable returns come from well-managed companies with predictable cash flows — the hidden gems in less efficient areas of the market. Decades later, Absolute Value® remains their guiding philosophy. 

Today, River Road manages more than $12 billion in total assets. They serve endowments, foundations, corporations, and others on four continents. Their culture — relentlessly curious, creative, and collaborative — sets them apart. But unlike their culture, their brand was buttoned-up and traditional.

We worked together to align their brand with their culture, launching a new visual identity and website inspired by their singular focus on Absolute Value. The phrase’s A and V form the basis of the logo, with the V aiming up and to the right, giving a sense of positive growth.The color palette is appropriately knowledgeable and refreshed for the next chapter. The typographic system expands the identity’s sense of confidence and expertise. 

A singular focus does not mean a simple approach. The new website combines storytelling with data to create a guided introduction to their tiered strategies, detailed philosophy, and the dynamic team that makes it all possible.