Quillo: Human-backed digital mortgages

The real estate market is at a fever pitch. Even putting aside the current economy, industry changes over the last several years have drastically sped up the cycle. Online listing platforms like Redfin and Zillow and virtual walk-through technology have made shopping for a house feel more immediate. And competitive.

The mortgage industry has evolved, too. With preparation, you can secure a mortgage the old-fashioned way, with a local bank and a handshake. Or, you have the option of choosing from a variety of all-online loan companies offering near-instantaneous pre-approvals. You can build a relationship with someone local — someone who knows your community and the best loan options and will answer your questions as quickly as you need them. Or, you can get a generic pre-approval quick.

Quillo is a digital-first mortgage company that brings its deep industry expertise to the challenge of providing both: quick, online mortgages and an expert ready to help when needed. They challenged us to build a brand that reflected that digital but human balance from naming to launch.

To find the best name, we set criteria around simplicity, transparency, and a digital-first interaction. Quillo, blending ‘quick’ and ‘loan,’ is simple and snappy — setting the tone for an uncomplicated experience. The voice and foundational language carry that simplicity with an added warmth and acknowledgment of what it’s actually like to buy a house and shop for a mortgage. The tagline, a straightforward encapsulation of their brand positioning: human-backed digital mortgages.

The visual identity reinforces their positioning, emphasizing clarity and directness. The bright blue and crisp white feel fresh and energetic, digital but warm. The logo is both a monogram and a representation of the seamlessness of the process. The culmination is a brand built to move for its customers at the speed of the internet.