Prevent Scripts

PreventScripts: Leveling the health playing field

Primary care is broken. The industry’s providers are burned out from endless paperwork, sicker patients, and fighting for better treatment plans with no growth in revenue. And patients aren’t focused on prevention — waiting until they are sick to seek care. Chronic metabolic conditions are on the rise. They can be prevented but require a consistent and positive relationship with a primary care provider. And for patients to change their health behaviors.

PreventScripts is a new preventive health platform that reconnects providers to their calling and motivates patients to go from uninspired to active and healthy. Founded by a seasoned health provider and a former nonprofit clinic executive, PreventScripts is a behavior science-backed digital tool that assesses and monitors at-risk patients while offering reimbursable tools providers want. 

All startups have a primary challenge: they need more customers. Passion (which is also a requirement for a startup) only gets you so far. The PreventScripts team came to us at a pivotal moment. They had reached some early goals, and it was time to grow. We partnered with them on a rebranding project, including a new website to help them connect more confidently with potential and current customers. 

“We have a complicated product that we don’t know how to talk about effectively.” That’s what we heard at our first meeting with the team. They needed a clear voice for talking to providers and clinics and a clear voice for communicating to patients. Our strategy was simple: simplicity and ease. We spent time getting to know PreventScripts’ culture. We also learned their goals, their sales and onboarding processes, their competitors. 

Through a series of workshops, we defined brand tones that would inform the entire identity moving forward. They are friendly helpers, aggressive advocates, flexible visionaries, and smart practitioners. 

The refreshed visual identity features a simplified logo accompanied by a series of framing devices. This repeated motif points to specific moments in life, snapshots of the day-to-day, while also referencing the digital product. The frames, all squared on the edges, are open in the center, referencing the absence of medication. 

PreventScripts believes providers and patients deserve better, accessible systems of care. They are simplifying healthy living for everyone and in doing so, making a big impact in preventive care.