MORE: Luxury adventure resort

Kentucky is home to breathtaking landscapes. There are mountains and forests, hiking trails and off-road routes. There are small farms, secluded cabins, and campsites under thick blankets of stars. And you can find all of these at MORE, an adventure resort alongside the Daniel Boone National Forest.

MORE is designed to help you unlock the outdoors. For some, that means testing the limits of a Ford Bronco on specialized off-road trails. For others, it means a leisurely hike or a wine tasting under the stars. It’s a place for good times and good company.

We developed a visual and verbal identity — a flexible system that accommodates multiple experiences, products, and locations. The logo alternately serves as a window, letting the landscape shine through, or a multi-colored nod to an Appalachian sunset. The brand voice is welcoming and friendly, planting a flag for the mission and the community. Conversational, sometimes clever, and always sincere.