Medvoucher: Healthcare marketplace

Our healthcare system is broken. The insurance model is often antithetical to the customers’ needs or budget. In that model, pricing for services is controlled by the insurance company. In many cases, that pricing is chosen with little consideration for the actual value of the service. The insurance company controls the customers’ access to their doctors, and their choice in doctors or care is limited by what the insurance company will approve. This is a crisis.

Medvoucher was created by a doctor and a lawyer with a history of starting innovative healthcare businesses. Their team works directly with providers to offer customers the best pricing on healthcare services and products. This is a big idea. It requires care and consideration to make sure that customers, doctors, and the healthcare community in general understands its ambitions accurately.

We embarked on a foundational strategy exercise with the Medvoucher team to distill their message. The benefit they provide patients is simple. But Medvoucher is tackling a system that lives by its own ambiguity. In short, they had a lot of explaining to do.

A key takeaway from this process was the idea of putting control back in the hands of patients. The patients are driving this platform. Their identity is inspired by this idea. It combines a tech voice with a friendly feel. It makes the healthcare process navigable and fun.