Intelligent Email

Intelligent Email: Unlocking the insights in your email

Imagine making an important financial decision that hinges on retaining a big client. First, you ask your customer service manager about this client’s satisfaction. Not an easy question because this client has multiple locations across the country that email different customer service reps for different needs. Do you comb through the hundreds of emails of half a dozen employees to understand whether they are happy, neutral, or maybe pretty frustrated? Probably not. It would be radically time-consuming.

Intelligent Email is a startup that uses AI to analyze the bulk of email, which would be impossible to do manually. The platform can determine customer tone and satisfaction. It can tell if your employees are getting burnt out. And it can give you the window into your organization you need to make informed business decisions.

As with many AI startups, the race to launch before a competitor emerges is intense. In a month-long sprint, we collaborated with their team to develop the brand's verbal and visual identity, revamp the product interface, launch a public-facing website, and create a PR buzz.

The brand language effectively communicates a problem that many business owners are unaware of. The secondary graphics provide a visual representation of complex concepts like machine learning. The logo, featuring the @ sign, serves as a quick visual reference to email, while also symbolizing the AI revolution that enables this product.

Finally, the color palette and typography help balance the tightrope between warmth and humanity on one side and technology on the other. The secondary typeface, Roobert, is a contemporary sans-serif that says technology with enough quirk to be human. The colors give us enough contrast for accessibility while maintaining warmth in the deep purples and energy in the action-oriented blue.