Flycatcher: Making men’s self-care a reality

We first partnered with the startup on a name. Most medical aesthetic spaces are labeled “spas” and for women exclusively. Their names are straightforward or refer to the founder or aesthetician on board. In other words, they are generic. The new studio needed a name that not only felt different but was also confident, comfortable, and masculine. A male vermillion flycatcher bird stands out from the rest. On display for a potential mate, it puffs its brilliant red chest and raises its head high in the air, singing loudly.

We developed a visual and verbal identity with the bird in mind. Inspired by Art Deco, bold geometric shapes, clean lines, and bright colors deliver a polished luxury. The Flycatcher identity hints at something classic, something comfortable but with striking, colorful confidence. Language accompanies visuals to capture a candid and easy tone. Because elevating your routine should feel attainable, and ultimately, be your secret weapon.