Dreams of My Homeland

Dreams of My Homeland: Quality education for children in the congo

Kentucky is home to thousands of refugees. For the past several years, the state has taken in more refugees than the national average. The founders of Dreams of My Homeland (DOMH), a nonprofit organization based in Lexington, arrived in the US after war forced them from their homeland. Despite the challenges of beginning again in a new place, they wanted to create opportunities for those who remained in their war-ravaged country. DOMH works to provide access to quality education, clean water, and sustainable food sources to the Kinsevere community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Primarily serving underprivileged children, DOMH built and opened a school outside of Lubumbashi that houses and supports 550 students and educators. In other words, they do a lot to empower children to achieve their dreams and make their homeland a thriving community. DOMH just needed a visual identity to communicate this passion and reach.

This identity partnership was an exercise in clarity. And in trees. Our design team participated in a sprint to develop a logo that conveys growth and support and suggests its unique setup in Lexington and the Congo. The tree is a symbol of putting down roots, reaching far and wide, and forever growing. The logo we created shows this, hinting at their commitment to teaching children to follow their dreams.