Cadby: A better real estate experience

If you’ve ever searched for real estate, you probably resigned to using a confusing mix of outdated websites, texts, emails, and phone calls to stay on top of listings. In commercial real estate, this problem can be even worse. 

is a commercial real estate platform that helps brokers manage every part of their business in one place — from market surveys to client communication and scheduling tours. It was designed from the ground up to create a better client experience. One without the headaches, heartache, and long email threads. 

The team behind Cadby came to us with an idea and a piece of software. We started with naming, diving deep into the feeling of finding that perfect office, storefront, or restaurant space. We looked to the history of disruption in business and found the story of Cadby Hall in London. In 1951, the world’s first business computer — named LEO, or the Lyons Electronic Office — turned on. That first computer calculated real-time costs for a chain of 200 tea shops, automating an inefficient process and creating a brand new advantage.

We built a logo and visual identity based on a bird’s-eye view of a building. A puzzle piece that fits perfectly into its neighborhood. The verbal identity turns a powerful, multifaceted tool into a set of understandable value propositions. In a straightforward, human voice, we spoke directly to brokers and their clients about the ways Cadby can improve their day-to-day experience. Then, we used that narrative to build a concise website with a straightforward ask: see what Cadby can do for your business.