Berkshire Food Co-op

Berkshire Food Co-op: Cooperative grocery

The Berkshire Food Co-op is driven by the belief that working together to strengthen the community benefits everyone. Owned and operated by its members, the co-op provides high-quality, local food. When they called us, their current building was a little bit cramped, a little bit outdated, and very much beloved. And plans to rebuild were in motion. The new building is going to be more spacious and contemporary, designed just for them. Re-envisioning the physical space presented an opportunity to re-envision the brand. We came on to provide a direction that would feel not only refreshed and clean, but lovable and familiar.

Taking an immersive approach to the research process, our team visited the Berkshires. We surveyed the owners of the co-op, gaining key insight of their goals for the rebrand. We talked with employees old and new. They shared stories of the past and dreams for the future. It was clear, the co-op’s rebrand needed to grow into the new space, while remaining true to who they are. The visual identity we created is bright, clean, and energetic. The illustrations include motifs from the Berkshire landscape and imagery of items you would find in their store. They look handmade, with ragged edges that speak to the “do it yourself” nature of Berkshire Food Co-op’s personality. Their colors are playful, offering a wide range of applications and flexibility to the brand.