2X: Invest in women, change the world

Many of the world’s biggest challenges, like global prosperity and stability, are overwhelming. And, because they are overwhelming, we talk about them a lot. That talking feels like doing, but it isn’t. It can become an excuse for inaction.

It turns out there are straightforward steps that address these multifaceted issues. One of them is investing in women, specifically women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs are wildly successful compared to their male counterparts. They reinvest profits into their families and communities at a rate of three times that of men.

Even in emerging markets where women comprise a more significant portion of smaller businesses that are the biggest job creators, they still face systemic barriers. They lack access to credit and capital to sustain and grow their businesses. The credit institutions are run by men and require collateral that men in the community control.

So, while it is important to discuss poverty, housing, clean water, education, and access to healthcare. It is also essential to take the steps that chip away at the problems that underlie these other issues. Women don’t have access to the tools that all of the data says will change their communities. 2X set out to change that. They committed to investing $1 billion in women entrepreneurs. By leveraging that commitment with their 2X Challenge, they were able to increase that to $4.5 billion.

We helped 2X by creating a name that nods to the chromosomes and the multiplying effect of investing in women. We also designed a visual identity that gets out of the way and lets the work stand out. Working with 2X helps us work towards our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5, gender equality.

2X Challenge Brand Impact Report Design