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Our sustainability report

2017 was a big year. This report is proof. There is no way we would have been able to put this together in the past. Everyone on the team was responsible in one way or the other. Though, the person who applied the most constant pressure is our Sustainability Coordinator (and photographer and designer), Stevie. So, in our Friday morning tradition: kudos to Stevie for taking on a huge task and seeing it through. Decisions have cascading effects. We made the decision to change how we talked about ourselves last year. We say our purpose is to create a responsible company doing rewarding work. This report is also an effort to unpack that a little.

Responsibility can mean different things. To us it means that we are responsible to each other to create a strong business. We are responsible to our community to be a good neighbor. And we are responsible as global citizens to minimize the negative impacts that result from our work. But it doesn’t mean much to say it. We are starting to measure it, and are reporting here how we have done. We also think about what it means to do rewarding work. We think our work gives organizations an advantage. We want to work with organizations interested in seeing actual change: improvement. We want to work with organizations who are making the world better. Some of these projects are pro bono. Some are not.

Most importantly, we want to thank you. If you made it this far we are humbled that you care enough about what we do to spend your time reading this. We have had the good fortune to do a challenging, rewarding job for the last 9 years. Here is to many more.

Read our 2017 Sustainability Report (PDF)

Brad Flowers
Brad Flowers
Founding Partner

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