Real Leaders Impact Awards 2022

Impact award winner

Bullhorn is selected to Real Leaders Top 200 Impact Companies for the second year in a row.

“Business leaders across the globe are rapidly discovering that to be competitive — and to grow and thrive — they must forgo shortsighted thinking in favor of a farsighted vision that takes into account their company’s social and environmental impact,” said Mark Van Ness, Founder of Real Leaders. “We are excited to welcome new and old companies alike to the impact movement and into the Real Leaders Impact Awards community.”

The 2022 list features a mix of respected impact brands of all sizes and from various industries, including Traditional Medicinals, Allbirds, Danone, and Warby Parker.

“It feels great to be acknowledged for the hard work we do that amplifies social good and improves the human condition,” says Brad Flowers, co-founder of Bullhorn. “Our whole team, including our clients, deserves this recognition.”

Bullhorn has been working with purpose-driven organizations for over a decade. The agency transforms impact brands through naming, identity design, and brand campaigns. Bullhorn became a Certified B Corporation in 2017.

Real Leaders is a membership community for impact leaders with a global media platform dedicated to driving positive change. Real Leaders is a B Corporation, a member of the UN Global Compact, and is independently owned.

Brad Flowers
Brad Flowers
Founding Partner

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